Tiangang Zhu





M.D. Ph.D

Dr. Zhu is currently Professor of medicine, Director of Echocardiography Lab.  Peking university People’s Hospital and also is Vice president of Chinese Society of Echocardiography; Honorary Fellow of American Society of Echocardiography;

Dr. Zhu serve in leadership in the most distinguished Chinese societies of cardiovascular disease and echocardiography and international society such as Executive Board Member of Asian Association of Echocardiography; Fellow Asia Pacific Heart Association.  He is the editorial boards of Journal of CASE(Case of American Society of Echocardiography); the Journal of Clinical Cardiology and the Chinese Journal of Ultrasound Medicine. 

Dr. Zhu have received major research grants more than 8 million RMB from the National Health Research Fund, the National Natural Science Research Fund, as well as other research funding sources.  He had published widely more than 120 papers on his research in European Heart Journal, Circulation, Heart Rhythm as well as various Chinese Journal.

As Secretary general, He organized Asian Association of Echocardiography inaugural meeting (2013) and Third World summit on Echocardiography (2015) in Beijing. He also organized Cardiovascular Imaging Forum(as Chairman) of Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology from 2000 to present. Meanwhile, He was Invited Speaker and Moderator in various international conferences such as ASE annual meeting, AAE annual meeting, Euro-Echo Imaging, World Summit on Echocardiography.

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