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Sabino Iliceto is Head of the Department of Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular Sciences and the Division of Cardiology of the University Hospital of Padua, University of Padua, Italy. He is a Representative of the School of Medicine in the Academic Senate of the University of Padua. He is also the Director of the School of Cardiology. From the beginning of his career he devoted his energies and attention to the innovative aspects of Cardiology with particular reference to advanced diagnostic techniques along with special attention to the study of various aspects of ischemic heart disease, especially acute myocardial infarction. He now leads an active team in a wide range of clinical and basic research in cardiovascular diseases.

Professor Sabino Iliceto, was born in Bari, Italy, where he graduated in Medicine at the age of 23 and obtained his Fellowship in Cardiology at 26. Professor Iliceto in his early career was awarded grants to do research work in the United States of America: first at Saint Vincent Hospital New York, and later at the prestigious University of California in San Diego.

Throughout his career, Professor Iliceto has established several research collaborations with different European and American Universities, and has been appointed the principal investigator and steering committee member of a number of international multicenter clinical trials. This cooperation has reflected his publications of more than 600 full articles, most of which are published in prestigious international scientific journals.

During the years spent at the University of Padua Professor Iliceto has cultivated his strong interest in medical education and more than 200 Educational courses have been organized covering different aspects of Cardiology. These courses were run using advanced telecommunication technology involving several sites (up to 30) simultaneously connected and interacting with the University of Padua. Professor Iliceto’s persistent motivation to make Continual Medical Education available to as many doctors as possible has made him a pioneer in this field and he is now currently working to full fill this goal all over the world.


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